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Unleashing The P1 Panther

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It is a matter of pride for us to partner with Procam International and host the inaugural edition of NEXA P1 Powerboat at our own amphitheatre, the glorious Marine Drive. Shri. Jaykumar Rawal - Minister of Tourism, Maharashtra
NEXA P1 Powerboat will elevate the profile of our state on an international platform and open an array of opportunities for people to form a deeper connect with water and explore our shores further. Shri. Swadhin Kshatriya - Chief Secretary, Govt. of Maharashtra
We are extremely confident that NEXA P1 Powerboat will enhance India's maritime sporting traditions and look forward to welcoming new water sports enthusiasts to the fraternity. RAdm Dhiren Vig - Hon. Secretary General, Yachting Association of India

P1 The Story

Passion is a precious commodity, not an omnipresent thing! It is derived from the urge of embarking on something fascinating and unexplored. And that's what ‘NEXA P1 Powerboat is all about. This sporting spectacle is designed to invoke a new-found passion in the hearts of marine sport enthusiasts. Headlined by the P1 Panther – an innovation and design marvel capable of racing as close as 10 feet from shore – and a never-done- before “course” on water, the NEXA P1 Powerboat experience is bound to thrill audiences everywhere.

Panther Boat

Envisaged by the former marine engineers of the Royal Navy of the United Kingdom, the P1 Panther is an innovation and design marvel built to rule the waves. It features the leading technology in hull design, safety, ergonomics, environmental stewardship, digital telemetry and data acquisition. Created for the $30 billion marine race and leisure market, the high sides to the Kevlar cell, crumple zones in the front and rear, and strong cowling that can be unbolted, makes the boat convertible into a rapid leisure craft.

Hull The Panther has a bi, tri, and quad-directional knitted fiberglass hull with twin step shape.
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Cockpit The cockpit design was engineered to provide many of the elements of an enclosed cockpit in a "commercially viable" open-cockpit configuration.
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Cowl The removal of the cowl makes way for space for two additional seats that can be used for leisure purposes.
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Engine The engine creates noise levels of 72 decibels, almost 50% lower than that of F1 engines.
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The P1 Panther was developed in 18 months by a team of specialists in Italy, UK, and USA

The state-of- the-art P1 Panther race and leisure boats are built in Florida

The P1 Panther boat is 26’8” long and 7’9” wide

While driving a P1 Panther, a pilot experiences more than 2.5G on a hard turn

The P1 Panther can fly more than 20 metres in a single leap in rough sea conditions

The P1 Panther’s engine management system makes more than 8 million calculations per second

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