Course On Water

Mumbai's Marine Track


T1, T2 icons: Turns

Green Arrow: Regular Lap

Blue Arrow: Long Lap

Mumbai's Marine Track

The course for the 2017 NEXA P1 Powerboat – Indian Grand Prix of the Seas in Mumbai is a one-of-a kind track. For the first time in the history of powerboat racing, there will be a defined course on water. In a layout that involves strategic implementations, the course comes with two types of tracks: a regular 5.7km lap and a long lap comprising just over 6kms, running in anticlockwise direction.

This track is located off the shores of Mumbai, along the iconic Marine Drive and set against the backdrop of the city’s signature skyline.

The engineering that went behind putting together this course is pretty unique as well. The balloons used as track markers are custom made – a special combination of gym medicine balls and marine buoys. In order to hold the course down together, around 250 tonnes of anchor weight have been used, using innovative underwater engineering. The design deserves plaudits because Mumbai has a 5-metre tide variation which means the pull and push on the course is about 20 feet of water going up and down twice a day, making it difficult to keep the course at bay.

Accentuated with a long back straight and a tight sequence of corners just after the start line, the course has a yellow demarcation for the outer boundary of the track while the red markings indicate the inner limit of the lap.

The 12 participating P1 Panthers will complete 15 laps in Race 1 and Race 2, with 2 mandatory Long Laps in each race, covering about 90kms on the Saturday of the race weekend; followed by 20 laps in Sunday’s Grand Final comprising approximately 115kms including the compulsory 3 Long Laps.

With a fresh design and competitive individuals to grace the shores of Mumbai, the NEXA P1 Powerboat - Indian Grand Prix of the Seas promises to be an exciting watch.