The Joy of Water

Experience the "The Joy Of Water"

Did you know that 70% of the oxygen on Planet Earth comes from the vast oceans? Yet, our oceans and other vast water bodies are often the target of abuse. Enter: the "The Joy of Water" programme! An exclusive initiative of NEXA P1 Powerboat and supported by the P1 Marine Foundation, it seeks to build greater connect and engagement with India's coastline and beaches.

The "The Joy of Water" programme will focus on:

  • Educating young minds on the importance of the marine and coastal environment and the threats to it

  • Changing behaviours so that the next generation can be inspired and proactive in developing solutions for current issues

  • Inviting citizens to enjoy the great outdoors when it comes to water and related activities

Engaging with our coastline is our responsibility and we need to take action now. So, don't stay cooped up with your gadgets; come on outdoors to India's waterfronts.

Let's persevere to preserve the sanctity of water - which is life itself!