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Dominant Baleno RS Boosterjets win Grand Finale to bag championship

Baleno RS Boosterjets' Sam Coleman and navigator Daisy Coleman with Boat No. 150 proved to be untouchable in the inaugural NEXA P1 Powerboat - Indian Grand Prix of the Seas. Their Grand Finale victory on Sunday completed a clean sweep of the weekend in Mumbai and handed the team championship glory.

Starting from pole position, the Coleman siblings led the 20-lap race, held off the city's shores, from the start. However, they were under pressure in the first half from the No. 21 Lloyd Dolphins of Craig Wilson and William Enriquez, who had to ultimately settle for second place.

"The race was so stressful," Sam reported. "Craig pushed us so hard until he pitted. We'd pull out to 6 seconds and they'd pull back in to 5, we'd pull back into 7 and they'd pull back to 6. It was just back and forth, back and forth. I was like 'Give me a break, man! Give me a break!' But we managed to hold on to it."

If that wasn't enough, Sam also struggled physically in the first third of the race.

"I was getting cramps in my hands and arm pump issues. But after six laps, it went away so I loosened up again and started making less mistakes," he explained. "I made a huge mistake down in Turns 5, 6 and 7 and Craig must have made up 2-3 seconds and I was like 'Oh man!' But after that I kind of gathered my thoughts, calmed down a little bit and went again."

Lloyd Dolphins looked good to seal the championship at one stage, eventually losing out by just two points, as Baleno RS Boosterjets' other boat, the No. 100 of CS Santosh and navigator Martin Robinson added enough to the tally to clinch the title in the end.

"We couldn't ask for a better result," said the Indian on his maiden weekend racing in the seas. "I was in the mix of collecting points and I feel like I have contributed."

The Coleman siblings were in a league of their own this weekend, claiming pole position on Friday and winning both the races on Saturday, key to the success of Baleno RS Boosterjets. 

The winning team were presented the Viraat Trophy. The propeller used in this trophy belongs to the Landing Craft Vessel Personnel (LCVP), brought to India along with INS Viraat, the now-decommissioned long-serving aircraft carrier of the Indian Navy, in 1987.