P1 The Story

Passion is a precious commodity, not an omnipresent thing! It is derived from the urge of embarking on something fascinating and unexplored. The sporting world maybe peppered with a lot of things done to the death or formats that are ubiquitous. The passion to create something absent and noteworthy is something that stands the test of time. And, that's what first-ever NEXA P1 Powerboat Indian Grand Prix of the Seas is all about. A brainchild of Procam International and P1 Global, the sporting spectacle is designed to create a whole new global sporting paradigm. So, what makes it a whole new ball game, you may ask! A series of firsts makes it an experience yet unheralded. The first UIM (Union Internationale Motonautique) recognized Grand Prix of the Seas - the Indian Grand Prix of the Seas will connect with a quarter million people at the iconic Marine Drive to touch the heartbeat of the Mumbaikars.

The seeding of a globally constructed sport from India by Procam International in association with P1 Global and the UIM is the core of the P1 story. Despite the Earth being covered 71 percent with water, an absence of a globally constructed sport, a dedicated course on water posed some unanswered questions. How can a sporting paradigm be created to capitalize the global waters? What is absolutely essential to start it? How lucrative and exciting can this move be? An affordable and innovative boat that can race in just six feet of water and can be used for leisure purposes in just three feet of water laid the starting grid for the sporting revolution to be unveiled. The pedigree to create something unheard of proved to be the second step with the idea of creating the first ever course-on-water. For the first time in sporting history, there will be a designed course-on-water for racing purpose at the NEXA P1 Powerboat Indian Grand Prix of the Seas. There's no dearth of motorsport championships that are played out on land. Have you ever heard of a hierarchal global structure for motorsport on water? A World championship being played out across continents to determine a world champion! The crème de la crème of powerboating talent fighting for the ultimate global bragging rights! Have you ever been to a derby? How has been the experience of witnessing the action via binoculars? Limited you might say; does it satiate the thirst of an avid sport fan? NO! Heart-pumping action taking place just 10ft from the shoreline makes the sport of powerboating a horse of a different colour with the event. The idea of Procam International and P1 Global is to bring the experience of close-to-share racing like never felt before to audiences at the NEXA P1 Powerboat Indian Grand Prix of the Seas. A wide audience gets to be a part of the P1 story as the event gets televised globally for the first time to become the most comprehensive coverage in the history of powerboating. The viewers won't miss any of the action of such a blink-and-miss fast-paced sport courtesy the second screen experience getting introduced for the first time in powerboating. This is the vision and mission of Procam International, P1 Global and the UIM as the futuristic agent of change in the overall sporting spectrum kick starts in Mumbai on the 3rd March. So, get ready to step out in the open as with NEXA P1 Powerboat Indian Grand Prix of the Seas, the story of Procam International to create a global sporting paradigm in association with P1 Global and the UIM unfolds. It is time to take the open seas in your stride.

Race Weekend Format

Official Practice

A 30-minute mandatory Practice Session is scheduled for each day. All teams are required to participate in each of the practice sessions.

Qualifying Session & Grid Positions

Boats will be timed on an individual lap basis to determine their starting position for the first race. Teams will have one sighting lap followed by two laps of the full course (including the Pit Lap) to set their fastest time.

  • These Official Qualifying Times will determine the Starting Grid Positions for the first race on Saturday.

  • Race positions from the first race will be inverted to form the Starting Grid Positions for the second race on Saturday.

  • The cumulative points total following the two races on Saturday will be used to determine the Starting Grid Positions for the Grand Final on Sunday. In the event of a tie in points, the results from the first race will be used for the countback procedure.

Course On Water

For the first time in the history of powerboat racing, there will be a defined course on water for the NEXA P1 Powerboat. The course is based on the 12 participating P1 Panthers and it also includes a Pit Lap.

Race 1 Distance:

Start Run + 15 laps including 2 Pit Laps

Race 2 Distance:

Start Run + 15 laps including 2 Pit Laps

Grand Final Distance:

Start Run + 20 laps including 3 Pit Laps

Pit Lap Procedure

The race course includes an extended Pit Lap. Each P1 Panther will be required to complete two Pit Laps during each of the races on Saturday, and three Pit Laps during the race on Sunday. Pit Laps are not mandatory for the first lap. For the avoidance of doubt, Pit Laps may be taken on consecutive laps. Teams that fail to complete the mandatory number of Pit Laps will be disqualified from the results of that race.

Points Scoring

Championship points will be awarded for each race as follows and the cumulative total over the three races for each of the seven teams (two P1 Panthers per team) will determine the final overall result.

First place

20 points

Second place

17 points

Third place

15 points

Fourth place

14 points

Fifth place

13 points

Sixth place

12 points

Reducing by one point for each subsequent position

In the event of a tie between two teams at the end of the weekend, the winner will be decided by the highest placed boat in the Grand Final.